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Calculus 4th edition, Michael Spivak PDF Solutions ebook Download

This Calculus  4th edition by Michael Spivak  differs from the third mainly in the inclusion of additional problems, as well as a complete update of the Suggested Reading, together with some changes of exposition, mainly in Chapters 5 and 20.

Some reviewers have been puzzled as to the style of this Calculus  4th edition, Michael Spivak book, deep mathematics for the unsophisticated reader. This is explained by its origin in the 1960's when many bright high school students were not offered calculus until college. Hence some top colleges experimented with very high level introductions to calculus aimed at gifted and committed students who had never seen calculus. Possibly Spivak took such a course, but certainly his book was used as the text for one at Harvard, and was still used more recently at a few schools still offering this course, such as University of Chicago.

Unfortunately today, due to the somewhat misguided AP movement, which is oriented to standardized test performance rather than understanding, almost all mathematically talented high school students take calculus before college, receiving significantly inferior preparation to what they would receive in college. The result is that many top colleges where the Spivak type course originated, no longer see the need to offer it.

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Calculus  4th edition, Michael Spivak PDF Solutions ebook Download
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